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Reengagement Campaigns and How They Benefit Marketers

Were you aware that brands tend to lose around 25% of their mailing list every year, and a significant percentage of customers, ranging from 25% to 50%, become inactive? Although customer turnover is a natural part of the marketing cycle, acquiring new customers can be up to six times more expensive than retaining existing ones. This is why investing in re-engagement efforts to warm up leads that are cold and can yield substantial returns – as long as you know which battles to pick. Read More

3 Investments That Will Always Pay Off for Your Company

IT infrastructure, digital tools, and solutions for employees and stronger digital customer experience are always in demand, no matter the economic climate—and they are fast becoming key areas of competition. The top three priorities for senior industry leaders over the next 12 to 24 months will be retaining and developing the best people while driving a simplified customer experience, reducing call volumes and costs, and building their digital care and advanced analytics ecosystems, according to a 2022 McKinsey survey. Read More

Digital PR Strategies That Can Improve Your SEO

Every serious SEO strategy discusses building high-value backlinks. While many digital marketers rely on strategies such as guest blogging, Google’s link tagging requirements can affect how valuable those strategies are to building SEO and trust through backlinks. This is where digital PR can provide a distinct advantage in strengthening your SEO. Let’s look at what digital PR is, why it works so well, and how you can implement it into your digital marketing. Read More

How To Increase Engagement Through Video Marketing

Videos get far more views and engagement than simple photo posts on social media. In fact, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. And viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Whether it be for YouTube, Instagram reels, Tik Tok videos, or Facebook stories, videos are consumed more than ever before – and they’re effective. Read More

Five Ways Marketers Are Using AI To Elevate Their Content Marketing Strategy

For years, content creators have struggled with nailing their messaging in a way that will effectively speak to their target audience. Machine learning has evolved to be able to track consumer behavior, preferences and content interaction, allowing writers to deliver unique content pieces to different segments of customers and create the personalized experience that people crave. Read More

15 Key Marketing Trends Brands Need To Take Note Of In 2022

A successful marketing campaign can be the difference between sustaining a thriving, profitable company and being left behind, losing business to your competitors. Staying on top of the latest trends in marketing can help keep your solutions top of mind for your existing customers while consistently feeding new prospects into your sales pipeline. Read More

What is your better in the “people + data = better” marketing equation?

People + Data = Better is a simple but vital concept in marketing. It means humans with marketing experience take impartial marketing analytics data – from multi-touch attribution or customer journey analytics – and devise insights that help a brand, company or agency increase marketing performance.

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Global Cloud Advertising Market to 2027

The global cloud advertising market size is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2027, rising at a market growth of 18.6% CAGR during the forecast period. Cloud advertising solutions lay down the foundation for virtual advertising platforms on online and social media platforms for the effective advertisement of brands & services.

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How to Reach Your Ideal Attendees With Facebook Targeting

Unless your event effortlessly sells out minutes after your on-sale, you need a strategy to promote your event to new and existing attendees. But what if you don’t have tons additional time or resources? You need to make smart choices — choices that don’t require more effort or money.

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Why ad viewability matters and how to improve it

Ad viewability is a key factor that advertisers consider when deciding how much to bid for impressions. This in turn, makes viewability a crucial lever for publishers to optimize their ad revenue. In this guide, we’ll explain what ad viewability means, how it is measured, why it matters, and how publishers can work towards optimizing their viewability score.

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